Declaration for Unborn Children

January 23, 2007

To the people of Mississippi, America, and the nations of the world:

A blatant disrespect for people and human life has developed over the last century and has reached its pinnacle in the murdering of innocent unborn children.  History will look upon this time and mark it as the worst holocaust ever known to mankind.  In the United States since 1963, over 50 million[1] children have been purposely torn apart of life and limb, murdered in the womb, through surgical abortions.  What’s even more shocking is the lesser known ‘silent holocaust’ of unborn children through the use of drugs that cause abortions (abortifacients).  Some research places these numbers at greater than 10 times[1] the number lost through surgical abortions each year.

Even though the vast majority of the country had the political will to outlaw abortion they were lulled into a slumber by the unjust legalese and double-speak of the courts and those in authority.  While they speak of duty, law, and process, these ministers of justice have forsaken the foundational concepts of inalienable rights and forsaken their God-given[2] duty of equal justice for all.  This has created an atmosphere of confusion in the citizenry where some have started believing wrong is right and right is wrong.  Inalienable rights is a term not understood in America today.  Most people do not understand our system of government designed by our founding fathers nor the core Biblical and secular principles upon which it and our liberties are based.  Today, America is a land of confusion.

The general disrespect for people and human life along with the lack of citizen understanding of our liberties is destroying the very fabric of our union and has undermined our very system of government, justice, and concept of rights.  If left unresolved, the current generation will pass on to the next nothing but slavery disguised as taxation, tyranny disguised as unified government, and corruption disguised as legal progressivism.   If the founding fathers knew what we know today, with all of our advances in medical science showing us when life begins, they would proclaim that abortion is nothing but pure evil.  We must never forget that the hallmark of our inalienable rights is that of “life”, “liberty”, “property”, and “the pursuit of happiness” for all human beings.

There are those in America who have specifically plotted against the younger generations, waging war to destroy and kill us.  Those of us who are survivors of this generational warfare are now of the age where we can fight back and speak up for those of us who were killed.

Today, I announce a major initiative in this war.  The first of the generations of children who were targets to be legally killed are now rising up and ready to take our place in the leadership of America.  Our generation will right the wrongs of the previous generations; will take up the challenge of constitutional government and of preserving our liberties.

Our generation can see more easily the hypocrisy and failings of the past and create new institutions to guard America’s future.  We will not be a generation who, when old and gray, will risk having our children curse our names because of our inaction, apathy, selfishness or greed.  We will not be a generation to pass on to the next a curse, a heavy burden, or a corrupt system.  We will transform this government and make it our own, taking from the tried and true fundamentals of our founding fathers, taking from Biblical principles, and learning from the centuries of lessons in the pursuit of liberty.  We will be God-fearing, have a love for our country, and we will not let injustice go unanswered.  We will stand on the firm foundation of doing the true, right, and just thing in God’s eyes.  We will champion the cause of the weak and those who cannot speak for themselves[3]and will care for the poor and the sick, and will live a life of respect and love for our fellow man.

We call upon all Americans to join with us, the Pro-Life Generation, a generation seeking life, liberty and justice for all, to set things right and in their proper order.

Too long has injustice been associated with the officers & courts of Justice.  Too long have our courts perversely and academically discussed the tearing apart of the life and limb of unborn children without consideration for their life.  To claim that one is fulfilling their ‘sworn duty’ instead of actual justice in preserving our inalienable right to life is not an excuse[4].  This must end!

“God has nothing to do with corrupt judges, who make injustice legal, who plot against good people and sentence the innocent to death.” – Psalm 94:20-21

Many have read the Holy Bible and it tells us that God does punish people personally and corporately[5] (group: city, state, nation) for their sins.  The Bible also states that shedding of innocent blood is a crime against God Himself; that God hears the cries of the innocent[6], that He will avenge them[7], and that the shedding of innocent blood is one of God’s top seven things He hates most[8] of all.

Millions of innocent voices have reached up to God; the time of his judgment has now come[9].  By God’s own hand he will judge us so that everyone will know that it was Him and Him alone who had brought justice upon us.  Historically, in the Bible, a messenger is sent to warn those of God’s pending judgment and to give the people one last opportunity to do what is right.  God commands us to:  turn away from our sin, do what is right, and publicly confess our and our father’s[10]common (corporate/group) sins.  Then and only then will God bless and prosper us and bring healing to our people and our land.  To think that any American can continue on with their life without addressing this great corporate sin is to be ignorant of the fact that the Bible states that God does not listen to the prayers of those who continue to sin.[11]

I, David Rogers, publicly confess the sins[12] of my parents and my grandparents (including their generations) for allowing abortion to continue in America.  I also confess my sins[11], that I have not done everything I should have, but now, today, I choose life and I pray that my generation will put this right and also choose life and will lead America and the world in doing the same.  I do not want, when I am old and gray, for my children to curse my name because I did not set things right.

This is the word that I have been given to speak.  I originally submitted this letter on November 1, 2005 and the people have not awakened to this message.  May their eyes and ears be opened to the truth before it is too late.

“Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

– Thomas Jefferson
(Query 18, Notes on the State of Virginia)

God’s justice has awakened!

I respectfully send out this letter to Mississippi, America, and the world stating what God has placed upon my heart to speak and respectfully submit the Ultimate Human Life Amendment as a People’s Initiative, a proposed constitutional amendment to the Constitution of Mississippi of 1890.

“I am now giving you the choice between life and death, between God’s blessing and God’s curse, and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Choose life.” – Deuteronomy 30:19

I choose life,
David Rogers
Biloxi, Mississippi

Photo of David Rogers submitting the this letter and Personhood Amendment in 2007 to the Mississippi Secretary of State.
Amendment first introduced in 2005.


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