As an identity and movement, those in The Pro-Life Generation have become a driving force to end legalized abortion, once and for all.
As an organization, The Pro-Life Generation was founded in 2004 upon the same views and has focused on strategic action to achieve the abolition of legalized abortion in the United States.

After 30 years of failed efforts to end legalized abortion once and for all, a new revolution was needed and a new way of thinking that started with a major re-evaluation of traditional Pro-Life strategies.

The Pro-Life Generation, the organization, pioneered the research upon which the Personhood Movement was founded.  In 2005, The Pro-Life Generation, led by Dave Rogers (Pro-Life Dave), introduced the first ever state Personhood Amendment in U.S. History. Today, the Pro-Life Generation continues to work, mostly behind-the-scenes, in 7 additional strategic areas to end legalized abortion through the same focus of establishing personhood for unborn children.

In 2004, when The Pro-Life Generation began work on the first State Constitutional Personhood Amendment, it was at a time when the Pro-Life Movement was stuck in neutral because of decades of failed and flawed strategies.  With over 30 years of not getting even close to overturning Roe and ending abortion, a new wave of fresh blood and thinking was desperately called for.  We began with a total re-evaluation of established thinking, views, and strategies and diligently sought God for answers.    Those of us in the younger generations, who were once targets for extermination, were now coming of age and taking our places in the leadership of America.  It was now time also for new leadership in the Pro-Life Movement.