About The Pro-Life Generation, the Organization

whatweareaboutAs an identity and movement, those in The Pro-Life Generation have become a driving force to end legalized abortion, once and for all.  As an organization, The Pro-Life Generation was founded in 2004 upon the same views and has focused on strategic action to achieve the abolition of abortion.

After a re-evaluation of traditional Pro-Life thinking and strategies, The Pro-Life Generation, the organization, pioneered the research upon which the current Personhood Movement was developed.  In 2005, The Pro-Life Generation, led by Pro-Life Dave, introduced the first state Personhood Amendment in U.S. History.  The Pro-Life Generation continues to work strategic areas to end legalized abortion, including establishing Personhood for Unborn Children.

In 2004, when The Pro-Life Generation began work on Personhood, it was at a time when the Pro-Life Movement was stuck in neutral because of decades of failed and flawed strategies.  With over 30 years of not getting even close to overturning Roe and ending abortion, a new wave of fresh blood and thinking was desperately called for.  We began with a total re-evaluation of established thinking, views, and strategies and diligently sought God for answers.    Those of us in the younger generations, who were once targets for extermination, were now coming of age and taking our places in the leadership of America.  It was time for new leadership in the Pro-Life Movement.

Pro-Life Generation’s purpose is to:

  1. Call for Personal and Generational Repentance
    We are delivering a message from God calling individuals, leaders, states, and nations to public repentance for abortion.
    SEE the DECLARATION FOR UNBORN CHILDREN, a founding declaration for The Pro-Life Generation.

  2. Establish Personhood for Unborn Children
    We choose to take head-on the challenge of ending legalized abortion, once and for all.  Establishing the equal standing and legal rights of preborn children and overturning Roe v. Wade.

  3. work3Enlist the younger generations to participate in ending abortion now.

  4. Develop the next wave of Pro-Life leaders
    to lead by God’s Standards and aggressively work to end abortion now, not decades from now.

  5. Persuade older generations to supporting and work with us in our cause.


The Pro-Life Movement has tried to end abortion for over 40 years. They’ve failed!  Now, it’s our generation’s turn.   Now, we are starting to take our place as the new leaders of America.  Now, ending legalized abortion in American is our generation’s problem.

work4We Are the NEW Pro-Life Movement!

God has drawn the line.  We have answered His call.  Abortion ends here and now with our Generation!  We will not fail! 

Now is the time for you to take the gloves off!  — demanding of yourself and the Pro-Life Movement nothing less than THE BEST!

We must not accept ANY delay in ending abortion and the culture of death in America.
We must not accept ANY activity that wastes our time and doesn’t bear MAJOR FRUIT. We must think and act strategically, boldly, and move decisively.

a Generation Called By God to be Holy

 – Roe v. Wade (U.S. Supreme Court Decision)
 – Mississippi Passes 1st Pro-Abortion Law
Early 1960s
 – First states turn away their eyes allowing hospitals and clinics to perform abortions

For over 40 years the war on America’s children has been waging. Why? The Bible reveals that when Moses and Jesus were born Satan tried to kill them through the mass killing of children of their generation. Moses led a generation out of slavery and bondage.  Jesus brought salvation to generations upon generations of the world. Could it be that the younger generations, who are targeted for death, are a part of God’s end-times plan to deliver America and the world out of spiritual bondage, darkness, and death?

Will you stand for all of those children from the younger generations who were killed? Will you stand and act for those who are yet to come?  

Declaration for Unborn Children

There’s a saying, “Good is the ENEMY of THE BEST.” Meaning that if you settle for ‘a good project’ then you are settling for less than THE BEST. The challenge to the Pro-Life Generation is to know which strategy, activity, and project is REALLY going to be effective and bear SIGNIFICANT FRUIT not just a little. We don’t have time to waste because the more we delay in ENDING ABORTION once and for all, the more we lose lives.

Don’t Just Take a Stand, Take the THE BEST Stand!

The Generations Targeted for Death:

Generation X
(those born 1963-1978)

Generation Y
(those born 1979-2000)

Generation Z
(those born 2001-2020)