Wilberforce Fellows Story: Running For Pregnancy Resource Centers

I’m Esther Edwards and this year I have been given the incredible opportunity of being a part of the Wilberforce Leadership Fellowship. I am also a junior in college and the president of Toccoa Falls for Life. As I considered what to do for my project, the number three thousand just kept repeating in my head. Three thousand abortions happen each day in America alone. Three thousand. How can I do something that will not only be educational, but also fun, and encouraging? After seeing a few races, it suddenly hit me. A 3k! Many colleges host a 5k during their homecomings, but what if the Pro Life clubs started hosting 3k races? It would be a shorter distance, which would encourage more people to run and would hold significant meaning.

I immediately started designing t-shirts and contacted my friend, Ian, who is the President of the Pro-Life club at LeTourneau University in Texas to see what he thought of the idea. Also excited by the idea, Ian decided that he would also host a 3k at his college. He was even given the opportunity to advertise on the local news station! Thanks to the amazing homecoming committee at my college, we were able to offer t-shirts, bananas, granola bars, water, and medals for the runners. They also helped with advertising to the community and on campus. All the proceeds from the event will be used to help Toccoa Life Pregnancy Resource Center.

Having a 3k race to raise funds and awareness turned out to be a success. Thirty students, community members, and alumni came out 8 a.m. on a brisk October morning and learned that America provides three thousand abortions each day. We took time to pray and then the runners were off. I encouraged them to think about the tragedy that is occurring and that each meter they ran represented the life of a child that would never take a breath outside his or her mother’s womb.

The t-shirts that were given to the runners said “3k for Life – 3k Today” and not only does it represent the race they ran, but is also a great conversation piece. Abortion education doesn’t have to be harsh and cold, it can be enjoyable and encouraging as people participate in a fun-run while learning and supporting a great cause. Our local PRC offers support to so many women through their “Mommy Store” that uses the baby bucks that the moms earn through the curriculums on parenting, finances, and pregnancy.

For a first time event, it was definitely a success and I hope to see it continue to grow as it gains popularity. It would amazing if it became an event held across the nation and inspired participants to make a difference so that we can host a 2k, then a 1k, then a 100 meter sprint. Eventually Pro-Life clubs will look back on the day we hosted 3k runs and celebrate how far we have come and find new ways to support PRCs and continue to make a difference in the lives of parents and children.