March Event-in-a-box: HUSH!


Students for Life of America is excited to announce the March Event in a Box, a complete package of all the materials your group will need to screen the International award-winning documentary HUSH (Best Documentary, Los Angeles, Silver at Worldfest Houston, Gold at the World Documentary Awards)!

Please take a few minutes and visit for more information on the film and to watch the Trailer. You’ll see, this film is revolutionary because it’s unbiased, non-religious and completely honoring of women. It takes a refreshing, non-threatening position that is neither pro-life nor pro-choice but rather, pro-information. People will be talking about HUSH on your campus!

Before you host your screening, be sure to participate in a webinar led by Students for Life and the Producer of HUSH on Monday, February 27, 2017. This is a phenomenal opportunity to hear more about why it’s important to host a screening on your campus and learn a few great techniques on how to promote the film. To sign up for the webinar, contact your regional coordinator today.

Why Screen HUSH?

A message from the producers of HUSH:

“Screening HUSH not only comprehensively presents life-saving health information to people who are in an age group where abortions most frequently occur, but because students are impressionable and vocal about issues of injustice. Our generation wants the truth; we demand transparency and we want to be treated with respect, as thinking people. Being manipulated, or lied to, does not sit well with us! And when we hear and see a comprehensive presentation of material that uncovers falsehoods and lies, we will be on our cell phones faster than you can say “Pro-Information”. And we will be e-mailing, Facebooking, Twittering and Instagramming like there’s no tomorrow.”

Let’s not forget that the students of today are the doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, lawyers and politicians of tomorrow. We are the ones who will be making determinations and decisions about the direction of women’s healthcare in the future.

The “earth-shaking factor” in this strategy is focused on how universities and colleges represent institutions as centers of knowledge, information, and truth. Born of a foundation and mandate to honor God in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, universities and colleges hold a pivotal place as gatekeepers who carry authority. We are a key, in terms of the agreement, to release the truths that are contained in HUSH that will be shared with young women and men across America!

Let’s start a healthy conversation!

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