Gosnell Movie Needs to be Shown Everywhere

By Missy Stone, National Field Director at Students for Life of America.

I don’t cry in movies. I never have. People who know me find that interesting because I am a very emotional person, so it’s surprising that my emotions aren’t triggered during moving or heart wrenching films. However, today was an exception.

I watched Gosnell.

As the movie was concluding, I stood in my kitchen and cried. Not only cried, sobbed. It was the ugly cry you’re glad no one is around to see. It’s not that I don’t know the story Gosnell movieor that I was surprised, but watching the scenes unfold made it so real. There’s a difference between hearing the stories on the news and watching a true depiction of a young girl sitting in the courtroom describing the horrors of what happened behind those doors. (The testimonies were taken directly from courtroom documents.)

Kermit Gosnell is a sociopath who killed women by botching abortions and leaving them to bleed to death or overdosing them on drugs. He delivered babies alive and then snipped their spines as they cried and put them on shelves. He had teenagers preforming medical procedures and administering anesthetics in his absence. His facility was described as a “House of Horrors” with bags of baby body parts stuffed in the refrigerator, down the garbage disposal, in glass jars in cabinets. He was documented for 211 Health Code Violations.

After multiple complaints to the health department, even one hand-delivered by another OBGYN in the area because his patients were contracting STD’s after seeing Gosnell, no one inspected his abortion facility, Women’s Health Society. And people died because of it. According to them, inspecting an abortion facility somehow infringes on women’s rights.

Pro-choice and pro-life people alike want to believe this is the exception. It’s not. Douglas Karpen and Leroy Carhart are guilty of the same atrocities. A Planned Parenthood in Delaware was recently shut down because they were not properly sterilizing equipment because it took too long and they wanted to perform as many abortions as possible. There’s no telling how many more stories are out there like this that our government officials are ignoring in the name of “protecting women’s rights.”

Gosnell is not the exception. He’s the norm. And we have to open our eyes, put our biases’ aside and accept the truth.

Will we let people be silent about abortion because they don’t want to offend people? People will die. Will we let people personally believe abortion is wrong but not want to take away a women’s right to choose? People will continue to die. Will we let people protect their precious abortion at the expense of health standards, sterile facilities, and women’s lives? People will keep dying.

We have to get the word out that this is the abortion industry. They are about business, not women’s rights.

Every woman has the right to go into a medical facility and come out without an STD. Every woman has the right to undergo surgery without wondering if the people performing it are licensed professionals.

People need to watch this film and films like it. We need to watch it and remind ourselves why we are fighting, why we push day in and day out to abolish abortion. But we also have to show this film to those who don’t understand what the abortion industry is really like. We have to tell them the truth.

Help us share this message. We can’t let Gosnell be forgotten.

Gosnell is expected to be released this year. Stay tuned to studentsforlife.org for more information on how you can see it and bring it to your own campus.