August Group of the Month: Colorado State University

Students for Life at Colorado State University (CSU) kicked off their school year with an excitement that has ignited their passion for life and fueled their momentum.

Students for Life at CSU participated in the National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day in August before the school year even began and hosted another prayer vigil and protest at Planned Parenthood.13653474_10153723230412927_437265398890742103_o

The group held their first meeting of the year, met with local pro-life advocates to brainstorm about how to talk to youth groups and churches about what they do and how they can partner together. They’ve also formed an alliance with their local 40 Days for Life Campaign.

The students reached out to their community for fundraising opportunities, and are currently planning their trip to the March for Life in DC.

They have also planned and scheduled trips for three different speakers to come to campus this semester – Catherine Davis, Josh Brahm, and Dr. Alveda King – to further the culture of life on their campus.

Students for Life at CSU has recruited new members and already planned out a full year of activism events and trainings. They have built bridges with nearby Students for Life groups, and have done a phenomenal job kicking off their school year, and we can’t wait to see all of the hearts and minds changed through their work this school year.

Great job Students for Life at Colorado State University – your group is our August Group of the Month!