LIFE OPS – Strategic Pro-Life Operations



Have You Ever Wanted to go to the Next Level of Pro-Life Activism?

Going with the crowd has its own rewards, but we must ask: is what we are doing making a strategic difference required to end legalized abortion? Many of us in the Pro-Life Generation have been re-evaluating why, over 40 years later, abortion has not been ended yet.  There are many worthy strategies and efforts in the Pro-Life Movement that are required, like changing hearts and minds in our culture.  When it comes to the overwhelming challenge of ending legalized abortion, once and for all – many feel dazed, confused, and lacking.

LifeOps™ is a Brotherhood of Committed Pro-Life Activists.

LifeOps™ was founded to take on the tough challenges to ending legalized abortion.  LifeOps™ is also network of die-hard Lifestyle Pro-Life Activist who are focused on this task.   LifeOps™ Team Members are a part of the larger Pro-Life Generation movement, who wish to make their mark through strategic Pro-Life efforts.  They work both independently and within other Pro-Life organizations.

Everything you can think a family does, LifeOps is there for those who who live the committed Pro-Life Lifestyle. LifeOps has a core team of experienced and caring, and pastoral-type Pro-Life Activists who have committed themselves to growing the Pro-Life Generation’s effectiveness through mentoring, encouragement, brain-storming, skills development, and strategy development.

Who are LifeOps™ Team Members?

LifeOps Team Members come from a wide-variety of backgrounds.  Some are high school or college students, some are stay-at-home parents, others are ministers, regular 9 to 5 workers, or self employed.

All recognize their first priority is to live an obedient life to God and that in laying down their lives for God, his heart becomes our heart which includes God’s priority of ending abortion.  We begin by recognizing that we are weak and lack knowledge, that in submitting ourselves to God we accept any challenge he gives us and we diligently pursue God for the answers to these challenges.  That only those who pursue God as their first and primary goal in life, it is to them which God gives advanced wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and the strategic answers required to end legalized abortion, once and for all.

Those who have shown themselves to be committed, front-line, Pro-Life Activists accept the reality of a lifestyle that is often quiet, has little or no recognition and reward, and that we often have to standing alone.  Embracing this hard lifestyle, the ultimate commitment to Pro-Life Work recognizes that we do this not for ourselves but for God and for those who have been murdered without justice and accountability.

The Next Step

Joining LifeOps™ is not for everyone.  The harder the work, and with those of great passion, there often are differences in view, efforts, and strategies. We are not here to work in contradiction but in harmony.  We wish all well in your efforts and let God be the only judge of our work.  There are multiple types of skills sets and talents that are used in LifeOps Teams, so first do not discount what you can offer.  Your first priority to God is to be available.  Often those who are available with little skills, are the ones God wants the most, because God can train and shape those who are open and available to him as opposed to someone who is not available and set in their ways, which he cannot use.

LifeOps™ Guardsman

Guardsman are very much like a reservist Special Forces in the military.  Your commitment level:  You need to maintain a minimum level of 7 hours per month volunteering with a pro-life organization, club, or your own designed activities.  In addition, you make a general commit to an ’emergency call up” in times of high importance, to be determined by yourself, generally to serve in one campaign or project every 3 to 4 months (3 times a year).   You are required to file a report every month of your activities with LifeOps.  This provides a loose level of supervision and accountability and allows LifeOps to make suggestions and provide resources to improve your level of action.

LifeOps™ Strategic Ops Teams

You cannot apply for a Strategic Ops Team but are recruited.  LifeOps Guardsman who have shown themselves to be of special character and skills may be offered a position on a Strategic Pro-Life Operating Team in your area.  These teams are made up of a diverse nature of Pro-Life Activist with varying skills who are designed to work together in a trained effectiveness that is rarely seen in the Pro-Life Movement today.

Join LifeOps™


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